We at Oneroot Inc. believe in responsible and sustainable business practices. From the majestic mountains of the Rockies to the beautiful coasts of the Atlantic, we specialize in production, distribution and exportation of Canada's finest food products. All of our products are 100% traceable, and we work with our partners to ensure continued dedication to quality and sustainability.

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Our Products

Oneroot Honey
Oneroot Natural Raw Wildflower Honey 500g Front
Oneroot Natural Raw Wildflower Honey 500g Left
Oneroot Natural Raw Wildflower Honey 500g Right
Oneroot Raw Buckwheat Honey 500g Front
Oneroot Raw Buckwheat Honey 500g Side
Oneroot Raw Buckwheat Honey 500g Back
Oneroot Raw Wildflower Honey 3kg Front

Oneroot Honey is bottled from only the purest of sources. Our strict quality control guarantees that your jar of honey is as straight from the beehive as it can get.

Our honey is:

Unheated - meaning it retains all of honey’s enzymes, anti-bacterial / anti-inflammatory properties, and all its health benefits.

From Sustainable Sources - our beekeepers practice ethical, natural, and organic beekeeping methods that support healthy bee population and the environment.

Directly from the source - our honey is never mixed with other honey or syrup. You always know exactly what kind of honey you’re getting from Oneroot.

Bottled in Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) inspected and approved facility.

Oneroot Organic Honey
Oneroot Organic Raw Wildflower Honey 500g Angled
Oneroot Organic Raw Wildflower Honey 500g Front
Oneroot Organic Raw Wildflower Honey 500g Left
Oneroot Organic Raw Wildflower Honey 500g Right

Organic certification requires a forage area that provides a 3 km radius (or 28 sq. km) around the hive that is free of prohibited substances. This eliminates beekeepers that are located near conventional farms, golf courses or industry. Organic beekeepers must also source organically raised replacement bees, must feed with organic honey and must use organic beeswax for comb foundations.

True Canadian organic certified honey is extremely rare due to the strict requirements. Some honey that are sold as organic in Canada and USA are not organic at all. Many companies market their honey as Canadian organic, but they’re usually mixed with foreign honey. If you see organic honey in large quantities, chances are it’s not Canadian organic.

Oneroot organic honey is sourced from vast northern Canadian wilderness and have been certified by Ecocert® Canada. Our organic honey is guaranteed to be 100% pure Canadian and free of chemicals.

If you wish to learn more about organic honey, please contact us or read more about organic apiary regulations on the government website (Link Section 7.1).

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Oneroot Maple Syrup
Oneroot Organic Maple Syrup 200mL Front
Oneroot Organic Maple Syrup 200mL Back
Oneroot 200ml maple syrup label
Oneroot Organic Maple Syrup 50mL Front
Oneroot Organic Maple Syrup 50mL Back
Oneroot 200ml maple syrup label

Oneroot Maple syrup is completely organic product with no additives. It is single source from Ontario, never mixed with other maple syrup.

Available in two sizes:

50mL (UPC: 628055436416)

200mL (UPC: 628055436409)

Oneroot Hemp Seed
Oneroot Organic Hemp Seed 500g Front
Oneroot Organic Hemp Seed 500g Back
Oneroot Hemp Seed Bag Front
Oneroot Hemp Seed Bag Back

Oneroot Hemp products are certified organic. It is grown on clean soil free of chemicals and GMO crops.

Hemp seed and its oil provide a long list of health benefits such as:

  1. Rich in protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, omega 6, omega 3 and insoluble fiber
  2. Ideal ratio of Linoleic Acid (omega-6) and Alpha-Linolenic Acid (omega-3) that is 3:1
  3. Good source of tocopherols (Vitamin E) and Vitamin A
  4. Packed with minerals such as potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium & phosphorus

These nutty flavourful seeds can be sprinkled on just about anything. Enjoy with salads, rice, cereals, yogurt, sauces, and dips. Heating hemp seeds will destroy the nutritional benefits of the fatty acids, so add hemp seeds to foods after cooking. Refrigerate after opening.

Hemp seeds can be eaten raw, ground into a meal, sprouted, or made into dried sprout powder. The leaves of the hemp plant can be consumed raw in salads. Hemp can also be made into a liquid and used for baking or for beverages such as hemp milk, hemp juice, and tea. Hempseed oil is cold-pressed from the seed and is high in unsaturated fatty acids.

UPC: 628055436317

Oneroot Hemp Oil
Oneroot Organic Hemp Oil Angled
Oneroot Organic Hemp Oil Front
Oneroot Hemp Oil Right
Oneroot Hemp Oil Left

UPC: 628055436324

Bulk Products

If you are looking for large bulk quantities of high quality honey, please contact us.

We have a great network of Canadian beekeepers and organic producers of various produce.

  • We can find you the product you’re looking for at the best price possible.
  • The quality is guaranteed.
  • We arrange the shipping worldwide.
  • We can perform the necessary lab tests and obtain permits for export.

Products we handle:

Canadian Honey

  • White, Gold, Amber, Dark
  • Canada No.1, No.2, No.3
  • Organic certified and conventional
  • Containers available: 300kg drum and 15kg pail

Hemp Seed

  • Hemp seeds and oil
  • Organic certified and conventional

Organic Maple Syrup

Organic Ginseng

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